Cave Database

Welcome to the cave database.

This site gives access to a database of caves and underground features. The entries are predominantly caves, but other sorts of entry such as mines, shafts, fissures, resurgences etc. will also be found here. The visitor is also free to add to the database by entering new information or extending what is already there.

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It is not intended to limit the database to being a simple list of caves by length or depth, but to hopefully become a site that is a comprehensive source of underground information. For a quick start, some links to places on this site are given above. The quick search option will return all caves that have the element in their names. So, entering 'ogof' will return Ogof Carno, Ogof Clogwyn etc. For a better search page, follow the link above.

About Us

Cave data is organised by Region (eg. South Wales), then Area (eg. Clydach Gorge), then Cave followed by Places. This means that you can search for a cave within a region or area and find all the places within a cave, also list caves by name, length, difficulty and so on (some still to be implemented).


I would like to thank Dick Grindley of the Grampian Speleological Group who turned up in the pub with a disk of hundreds of Scottish caves. He allowed me to take his data and add it to this site which gave it a great boost in that it actually had some data in it. Dick has put a huge amount of effort into producing the Scottish Cave Registry and his efforts in collating and creating the registry is not to be underestimated.

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